Sunday, 25 November 2012

Know the Essential Components of B2B Portal

Know the Essential Components of B2B Portal

The current market scenario and the prevailing competition make every business to become a
part of B2B space as B2B portals are an absolute necessity for every business, irrespective of
size, to manage their businesses. It is an effective platform that connects various enterprises and
individuals worldwide to expand their business horizon.

The facility of publishing online product catalogues offered by B2B gives greater visibility
and better productivity. In addition, B2B portals faster order processing and help to eliminate
unplanned purchasing. Revenue growth, cost saving, improved customer service are some of the
other important benefits.

The Main Components of B2B Portal include

1. Marketplace: It is one of the key components of B2B portals that provide a virtual
showroom for enterprises to showcase their goods and services on sale. Integration of a
stylish and convoluted shopping cart helps in automating the buying process.

2. Supply chain management solutions: It has tremendous impact on the enterprise and
provides high returns on investment.

3. Online Auction: The auction is another key component of B2B portal. You can integrate
online auction component easily into your virtual marketplace. This helps to liquidate
your surplus goods. Electronic auction systems employ both English and Dutch methods.

4. Storefront: It is your company’s profile that gives information on your products or
services. Every member gets a storefront

5. Forum: It is another important component that helps people to interact with the
company. It is a message board that allows people to post their questions, comments and

6. In-house messaging system: It helps to interact among the members of the portal. You
can send messages to other participants or companies.

7. Company’s directory: It is the listing of all registered business associates, products,
services in an alphabetical order according to relevant category.

8. E-catalogue: An innovative technique that covers a broad collection of industries and
commodities worldwide and helps to promote the products and services globally.

9. Product content addition/deletion/edition system:. This easy to use wizard helps the
user to integrate products with accurate information. It helps the end-user to integrate
their desired products and services along with up-to date information

10. Product notification: It is an email alert system that generates mail to the user who
requests information about a product or service.

These components vary from one portal to another. It is essential to choose a portal that has all
essential and relevant components to their business. is a one stop destination for all sorts of business that incorporates B2B marketplace
and what’s more is it is a news, entertainment place too.

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